Corporate Partnerships with Technostar

We at the Techno Star have extended our work scopes through our successful corporate Partnership with Dadu Foundation that will help us erase the gap between the quality of the education between rural and the urban areas by providing them with the most advance and latest technology available in the technical industry.

Technostar is constantly working on every possible aspect of the Digital Sector to provide everyone with the most advanced technological outputs. We always tend to provide the most unique and creative solutions.

On the other hand, with these emerging economic needs, It becomes our responsibility to contribute to those who do have the potential but never get the chance to display their abilities. We aim to provide a platform for such children and develop their overall growth and critical thinking abilities to secure our country’s future. We will together provide the necessary Highly Advanced Computer and Science Lab for their betterment of knowledge. We believe that our partnership will be able to change many lives with each other’s cooperation and support.

Virpar Primary School

Amarapar Primary School

Ghuntu Primary School

Hadmatiyali Primary School

Raydhra Primary School

Sajanpar Primary School

Tithva High School