Corona Campaign

In this needful and hard times, we have noticed that it’s too difficult to manage and purchase poor people’s basic needs. However, we find ourselves responsible for serving the society if we are awarded the capabilities to serve them. So we had a Corona Campaign Drive at Tankara Morbi, which includes providing food and masks to the poor people and police force who constantly keep us safe by helping the government keep the city up to the mark by keeping the citizens follow the rules

Dadu Science Lab

It is very well believed that the best contribution to society is to provide education to the needy ones. Our NGO is following the same path and therefore started A science Lab in Virpar Primary School and Tithva High school with the Name “Dadu Science Lab” for the standard 6th to 10th students. Our NGO believes that education is the key to every social problem and we are working on it. Sooner or later, we are further planning to continue these contributions in needy schools to improve the quality of education in rural areas. Seeing the kids performing the practical in the Science Labs gave us the needed motivation to continue such work. Only through this way can we clear the gap between rural and urban mentality.

Drawing Competition

We are familiar with the importance of extra-curricular activities along with the studies. Such activities help to find the potential in kids and help in their overall development as well. This made us host a Drawing Competition at Virpar Primary School, organized by one of our associates – “Madhav Gaushala.” The Competition was successful, and mostly all the students took part in it enthusiastically. Their drawings easily reflected us their true potentials and their enthusiasm for such activities. After the Competition, our associate partner to encourage the students and to make such students feel proud of themselves for their extra-curricular achievement was also distributing the prices. With such happy faces of students during this Competition, we are looking forward to hosting such more competitions in the near future along with some other activities for the student is mental and overall development.

Free Computer Coaching

The only thing that keeps down the rural youth to achieve their dreams is the scarcity of knowledge and education. To resolve such issues, our NGO is providing free computer coaching in rural areas to develop their Understanding with the advanced technology

Free Medical Check up Camp

As we all are aware of the needs and scarcity of Medical Facilities in different areas. Therefore, we focused on hosting a free medical check-up at Virpar Primary School so that needy people can avail of the free medical check-up through this campaign of ours. Moreover, it was an amazing experience and serving the society with our capabilities. With this successful medical check-up camp, we’re further planning to organize such campaigns in different areas and places for the needy ones frequently. Over the different such free medical camps, we have observed the general issues and problems of different people. With such experiences, we will always try to fulfil such needs in the near future as believe it, or not many such people seek medical help. Still, since they can’t afford the medical facilities or because they aren’t aware of the government policies, they can’t be able to get their medical needs done. Here we are trying to commit ourselves in this noble cause, and we heartily congratulate our every team member and well-wishers on making this medical camp successful.

Free Technology Workshop

What holds back the rural kids from future opportunities is their lack of practical knowledge and the current industry demands, which many times their school can’t afford or provide the students. Here we took the responsibility to host a free technology workshop in a government school in rural areas to keep them aware of the latest trends and technologies that help them keep their knowledge up the mark with the latest industrial demands and facilities. We saw the happiness on the students’ faces during the workshop, which reflected their enthusiasm to learn more and to be a part of such innovative technology, which gave us a motivational Boost to continue with such workshops frequently in different schools.